All globally successful products  share one common feature the quality of the materials that go  into  their  manufacture. At Romega, we realize that PU Foam is an important  component  in  the  manufacture  of a variety of products  meant  for   myriad   daily  uses.  The  Romega  Group  has been associated with the  PU  Foam industry for nearly fifteen years. Being one of  the  leading  manufactures of flexible polyurethane am in Pondicherry, it caters to many leading domestic and multi-national companies in South India.  Romega  has  modern  manufacturing facilities with several stat of the art equipment for  producing  a wide  range  of  flexible  PU  Foam for myriad applications. It has also  established  a  well -equipped laboratory for  testing  Polyurethane  Foam  as  per   IS : 7888-1976, to meet the BIS specifications for Domestic Mattresses  (IS:7933-1975)  and Flexible Load Bearing PU Components for Vehicles (IS:8255-1976). A variety of foam as per  customer specifications can be manufactured  including  special  Fire Retardant Grade, Anti-static Foam and  Sanitized* Antimicrobial PU Foam. Romega  is  the  exclusive  licensee of  Sanitized AG, Switzerland in India. This  means  that  products  made  with  our foam are considerably more hygienic and safer to use.