Romega’s product range include PU Foam Sheets of Low Density (10Kg/mm) and  Super High Density (55 to 100 Kg/mm3),  Convoluted /  Profile Sheets, Profiled  Shapes,  PU  Foam  Roll  etc., for domestic usage. We believe that there  has  to be a significant  contribution from us towards the quality and performance of our clients’ products. Our modern facilities, state-of-the-art equipment,  technologically  cognizant  staff  and internationally recognised production  procedures  ensure  that  the  quality of the PU Foam produced meet  all  stringent norms. Not surprisingly, we are well on our way towards implementing   Total   Quality  Management  systems.  With  the  symbiotic relationship between the highly dedicated and motivated employees and its professional  and  supportive   management,  Romega  Group  is  poised  to  become  an  organisation  that will delight its customers. The next time you source  for  PU  Foam of global standards, turn to Romega and look at what  we have to offer.